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A review of Warcraft The Movie



Players like Bob, employee of a Mold Remediation in NYC company, of one of the most popular MMO’s Warcraft were looking forward to the movie with the same name with a lot of expectation. After all, the producer was the same guy behind the movie Source Code which was a massive success. Instead, the Warcraft movie is a big letdown to the expectant gamers. The 123 minutes long movie is one interminable mix of CGI and thin scriptwriting.


The Orcs, a race of ogres, have opened a portal to the human world of Azeroth.  The orcs are in search of new land after their land became wasted by dark magic of the evil shaman Guldan. One of the Orc good guys Durotan is eager to raise his soon-to-be-born child in this new place. He recognizes the danger of Guldun’s magic to this new place believing it will destroy Azeroth as it did his old planet.

Durotan is forced to join forces with the human warrior Lothar to end Guldun’s evil ways. This makes him a traitor in the eyes of some orcs chief among them Durotan. There is a showdown between the two forces with Guldun’s evil magic getting stopped by the humans and Durotan.

While the storyline looks exciting, the makers of the film missed something. The CGI is excellent, and the fights are epic. For anyone who has played the game the chopped storyline is a bit unsettling and the fan will be left making comparisons during the entire movie.

More should have gone into character development. The dialogues are flat and sometimes come out flat and cold. More has goes into making action scenes rather than making meaningful conversations and interactions between characters.

To give credit to the makers of Warcraft, the movie reproduces characters, creatures, settings and designs from the World of Warcraft very well. The CGI is top of the line with the design of the orcs and other mythical creatures very well done.  Fans of the game will feel like they are watching a 123-minute cut scene from the game. The action scenes are well crafted with the advantage of the well done CGI.

Warcraft grossed $24.1 in the US in the first week while grossing $156 in China.  Moviegoers have reacted differently as has not been seen with a game based movie before. The movie had a 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with many critics blaming the movie makers of relying on CGI too much to compensate for awful scriptwriting.  However, the same critics are unable to explain the popularity of the movie outside the US.

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