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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Review


From the creators of Harry Potter, there is something new, that Eddie from My Mold Removal NYC loves, with magic coming to 1920s New York. Newt Scamander is a magizoologist who keeps exotic magical beasts, and also the author of a catalog of these beasts. He is called in to help quell rising conflict between the wizards of New York and the no-maj people (folk who don’t like magic). Some of Newt’s beasts get loose after he is involved in a scuffle. The quest to get these beasts back while investigating some dark force that is threatening New York makes for an interesting 133 minutes.

JK Rowling is taking personal charge of the screenwriting on this one. She is the sole screenwriter. David Yates and Steve Kloves are on as director and producer respectively. They were on the Potter movies which make FBWF have kind of familiar to any Potter fan.

Rowling has built her script on the duplicate of Hogwarts textbook to bring us fantastic beasts that are causing a mix of terror and awe to New Yorkers. There is a winged snake, an eagle that looks like a cross breed of a panda and a hawk. The visual design is top notch with these beasts coming out fantastic just as advertised.

Newt (played by Eddie Redmayne) comes across as the typical scientist; bookish, and at a loss on how to deal with a female company in the form of his partner (Katherine Waterston).

There is a feeling of too much having been squeezed into the 133 minutes. Newt is trying to catch his beasts while trying to keep the peace between the wizards and the people. There is an alliance that is plotting mischief for the magic people. There is also the rising threat to everybody in the form of the dark wizard Gellert.

Rowling’s signature can be seen in some of the darker scenes that are unexpected in a light-hearted movie such as this one. She opts for set pieces rather than strong characters. This is not unexpected as the darker scenes were also prominent in the later Potter movies.

FBWF is a movie that the adult audience will find comfortable watching with their teenage kids. It captures imaginations very well and brings out its themes clearly. Tolerance and inequality can be seen as the major themes in the movie as various characters keep their true selves in the closet while having to bear their resentments and biases.

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