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Review of Independence Day: Resurgence


Independence Day: Resurgence had a very high mark to surpass. The original Independence Day was a blockbuster in every right. The movie was the second biggest movie in 1996 while becoming the sixth movie of all time to hit the 300 million dollars mark at the box office. It was also the first major film to have a lead black actor, played by Will Smith. I am Tom from My Oil Tank Removal New York (http://www.myoiltankremovalny.com) and this is my take on the sequel.


Considering Roland Emmerich, one of the directors of the original, was on Resurgence, movie fans expected the movie to be something truly breathtaking. This was not to be. Two weeks to the opening date, there were no press previews for the movie.  Fans were not impressed to learn that Will Smith would not be in the movie.

Emmerich took a bigger budget and came up with a bigger cast, bigger explosions, a bigger alien mother ship and even a bigger alien with millions of spawning eggs. Everything on Resurgence was done on a grander level that the makers of the first could only have dreamt of.

The aliens are back and more determined. This time they have no time for niceties. They want the earthlings to vacate and do it fast. They are alien eggs waiting to colonize the Earth. As in the first Independence Day, the destruction commences on July 4th, and as usual, the Americans are leading the fight. Leading the fight is Earth Space Defense Force pilot Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth).

The destruction is breathtaking alright. The aliens are vaporizing entire cities with laser blasts. Their tech is so superior that they are causing tidal waves on the earth and sucking earthlings from the planet and casting them into space.

Resurgence feels like a replica of the first movie step-by-step complete with the heroes venturing into the mother ship to deliver the killing blow. Anyone who watched the first movie feels déjà vu to the end.

This copycat model was perhaps the biggest failure of the movie.  The bigger budget did not improve the script writing. There is a feeling that the makers could have tried to add a twist to the plot instead of copying it with even bigger implausibility. The storyline is simply not impressive. It is like hearing a story all over again.

Resurgence received a bigger reception overseas than it did in the US. It grossed $41 million in the first week in the US and $102 overseas.  Comparing to the first Independence Day, this was a big flop by far.

Perhaps having Will Smith on the movie would have saved it but apparently, he was not impressed by the script and turned it down.  Emmerich tried to compensate with a bigger cast and bigger CGI action sets.

Resurgence does impress on the CGI front. The aliens, their ships, and weapons and action sequences are very well done. The big budget delivered on that front. Unfortunately, it could not undo the bad story telling. The fan is left with one big dumb action flick and busted eardrums.

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